Main Maayke Chali Jaungi 17th October 2018 Written Update

Main Maayke Chali Jaungi 17th October 2018 Written Update by MA

Main Maayke Chali Jaungi 17th October 2018 Written Episode

Jaya tries to speak to Samar, but he walks away saying he has to get ready for work. Rama and Chachi see that and say he is still angry on her. Jyoti suggests her to break Samar’s shirt and in lieu of fixing it calms him down. Jaya rushes to room and silently breaks Samar’s shirt button. Samar asks what is she doing. Jaya says she is giving him shirt. He wears shirt and sees button missing. She says she will fix it and rushes to get needle and thread. He wears T-shirt. She says this will not match his blazer. He says thread color will not match his shirt and wears blazer over T-shirt. She stops him and tries to fix blazer button. He frees himself and leaves. She stands sadly. Chachaji asks if Samar is still angry. Jaya says yes. Chachaji says only a poet can

help him and gives her poem to recite. She asks if Samar will calm down. Chachaji says 100%. Samar sits for breakfast. Jaya sits next to him and recites poem/shayari written for chachi. Samar leaves. Rama gives her rajma chawal lunch box and says Samr will calm down with this. Jaya rushes to Samar and gives him lunch box saying it has rajma chawal. He accepts lunch baox and tries to leave. She stops him and says she does not know to convince him, but will try. Samar calms down. Satya calls her just then. Samar leaves angrily.
Jaya starts crying. Rama consoles her and asks to go to her room and rest. Once she leaves, Satya calls her and asks why she disconnect her call. Jaya says Samar is not yet convinced. Satya asks not to roam around him so much and come back home, he will come back on track. Jaya says he will soon.

Rama calls Samar and asks why is he still angry on Jaya. He says he is not and is just pulling her legs. She asks to call her and speak then. He says he has arranged a special surprise for her and smiles reminiscing her. Flower boy deliver’s Jaya’s bouquet. He writes a note to meet him at Khana Khazana restaurant at 5 p.m. and asks flower boy to return it to whoever sent it. Flower boy gives flower to Jaya. Jaya without reading Samar’s note continues crying reminiscing his anger. Bolnaaa.mahi bolna…song…plays in the background. She calls Satya and cries that Samar is still angry. Satya says she told her already to return home. Jaya packs her bags and leaves.

Samar leaves office and calls her. She disconnects call. He calls Rama and asks if Jaya is at home. She says she left somewhere. Samar says he has sent her a message to meet him at restaurant. Rama happily informs Chacha, Chachi, and Jyoti. Samar reaches restaurant and tells waiter that he has table booked her. Jaya thinks Samar did not agree even after trying so much, mamma is right, she will return to mamma’s house.

Precap: Jaya returns to Satya’s House Again.

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